Good morning.

I just uploaded the breakout board for the BlackBerry Q10 keyboard (discussed yesterday) connector that was posted by JoeN on eevblog and ordered a batch.

I should receive mine in the next week or two, but if you're in a hurry and don't care how it works out for me (rude!), you can probably order your own here:

($27 for 15 of the actual connectors from digikey, incl. usps 1st class shipping and sales tax for WA state - H122178CT-ND is the digikey part number for the connector, for anyone following along)

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in round numbers, and ignoring some incidental costs, a usb-c blackberry q10 keyboard:

keyboard itself $3
sparkfun usb-c mcu board $20
keyboard connector $2
keyboard connector breakout board $3
3d printed case $4 (guesstimate of plastic cost)

so, looks like $32ish - call it $40 if you want to be conservative in your cost estimate.

not too shabby imo!

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SMT soldering capability
3d printing capability
arduino IDE installed
a usb-c to usb-a cable for programming, unless your dev lappy has a usb-c port
free time
a strong yearning to have a hardware keyboard on your arbitrary usb-c-laden smartphone

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don't have one or more prereqs currently?

check with your friends and/or local makers - there's probably at least one that can fulfill the prereqs and would happily make you one if you bought the hardware for a second, or some such arrangement...

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