Surfacing this for those of you who might be interested but weren't following a different thread -

You can buy BlackBerry Q10 keyboard assemblies for US$3.50 or less each (+ shipping from HK):

Repo of all the details necessary to integrate said keyboard assembly into your own projects:

@deejoe probably painfully with the limited keymap - would have to play some games with sym, alt, and shift to expose enough keys to get around, I suppose


I guess the lack of silk screen for \ | etc probably tells me enough about a lack of convention for that

@djsundog ... I need this for my stupid smart phone. Bluetooth. USB-C. Whatever. I don't care. GIVE ME A CRACKBERRY KEYBOARD FOR MY PHONE AGAIN.

@rootwyrm I wouldn't see why that couldn't happen, I haven't done any usb-c devices yet, that'd be fun. I've got eleven of the keyboards en route, so I'll set aside a few for usb-c and bluetooth experiments ;)

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