so happy to have hdmi, mini hdmi, micro hdmi, displayport, and mini displayport devices in the lab.


@SetecAstronomy 927 is one of those xkcd's that has achieved "link unnecessary" status in my brain lol.

@djsundog @SetecAstronomy

someone told me once they think XKCD will eventually be a numerical slanguage all its own.

(ALT-TEXT: if XKCD makes a strip about it afterwards, then I'll have to come back and addendumize the post, naturally)

@djsundog someone needs to get on it and invent mega-HDMI and nano-HDMI

@technomancy @djsundog mega-HDMI is DVI with a separate 7.2 component analog port cluster

@djsundog The great thing about standards is there's so many to choose from.

@djsundog i have one computer hooked up through a hdmi→dvi adapter, through a dvi kvm switch, through a dvi→hdmi adapter, through an hdmi→displayport converter, through a displayport→vga converter, then into a vga kvm switch, then into a crt monitor.

It all... actually works perfectly fine.

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