quick question: anyone gotten a 2560x1600 landscape display to work over HDMI, and if so, what hdmi timings/config.txt modifications did you end up using?

eyyy, 2560x1600 @ 50hz via hdmi on a pi4 is working!

hdmi_cvt=2560 1600 50 5 0 0 1
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@djsundog for 60 Hz if the panel can do it, could be worth throwing something like, IDK, hdmi_pixel_freq_limit=268500000 in your config.txt (I'm assuming it's 268.5 MHz anyway, you could go higher if needed)

overclocking Pi HDMI interfaces can go a long way, I run my Pi 1 and 3 at 230 MHz to drive a standard blanking 1600x1200 85 Hz signal into a CRT and it's perfectly stable
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