The folks at @PINE64 are looking for input and recommendations for both the planned keyboard case for the as well as a potential game controller attachment - more info here:


> It must attach mechanically to the phone. Preferably in an elegant way — velcro or adhesive are not an option.

excuse me but did you just call velcro inelegant? I won't stand for this

@technomancy @djsundog
Especially that industrial strength stuff that you need a screwdriver to pry apart.😃

@djsundog Oops, forgot to toot about that post until you reminded me 😳

@djsundog @PINE64 the pogo pins give the device great potential too!

I wonder of you could make a "stereo speaker back" with this. Not sure if sound data could be redirected to the pogo pins easily but it would be cool, but even if it was a wireless link I suppose...

@msh the only i/o exposed via the pogo pins is i2c, as far as I know, which'd be a weird bus to run audio over, but theoretically possible if'n someone puts the work in to get the timing right, I suppose...

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