ooh, my personal audio player can use standard linux backup tools to automatically back up the configuration and library metadata whenever it connects to my home wifi.

@djsundog got a button to turn the wifi bits on and off on that rpi? The zeros use a *lot* less power if you kill that chip

@sungo yeah, I'm going to have a settings menu with toggles for the wifi and bluetooth along with the other settings - I could always add a couple hardware switches wired to gpio pins if I decide the menu is too fiddly

@sungo also going to have the display turn off after a couple minutes with no button presses, which will also disable button functions until the joystick is clicked, to try and prevent pocket shuffle situations

@sungo (might give joy_up and joy_down a pass on the button lock tho so I can control volume without the display being on)

@djsundog Yeah that makes sense. If I had to unlock just to change volume, it'd make me pretty grumpy.
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