wish Blue Note had a loot box setup where a purchaser got a significant discount by signing up to buy all new releases in a particular format.

sell me a copy of each new release you publish every month for a flat rate, you cowards

@djsundog Like the Sub Pop subscription, or Fiend Club! That would be awesome

@pagrus @djsundog if the idea here is "listen to things for a mood" anyway, like keeps getting talked about regarding streaming services in general...yeah.

in terms of trying to "sell" something like this to a label, not just it being a good idea (which it is, imo)

@poiseunderchaos @djsundog I think the idea here is "get physical things in the mail as they are released" with a possible discount. Unless I misunderstood in which case never mind

@pagrus @djsundog sorry, should clarify: i get that, i'm saying "if Blue Note (or whichever label) was being pitched on having a loot box, 'well, people are listening to music via streaming based on mood anyway' could be one counter to 'that won't make us enough money in 2020'".

especially in terms of number of sales overall vs. appealing to "niche interests" -- which frequently loses money, but gains sometimes in terms of reputation for the label.

@poiseunderchaos @pagrus I def think it'd be an overall win for any specialty label with a "known quality" release track record, and it opens up a bunch more add-on sales than buying banner ads does

@djsundog @poiseunderchaos I guess I just have enough of an aversion to streaming music that I don't even find myself speculating on the economics of it all. I just think paying some money and getting stuff in the mail is cool

@pagrus @djsundog @poiseunderchaos my partner's been doing the vinylmeplease thing for years, and for all the "this is the columbia house cd club for 30-somethings with a record player" vibes it might have, it has exposed us to a _ton_ of good tunes

(might now be getting closer to a literal ton than i really want to think about)

@brennen @pagrus @djsundog *looks this up*

that's...enticing in a "but i still like physical books" kind of way. i like it, even if i don't presently have the physical space for it

@pagrus @djsundog i get that. it's kind of required now if you're a musician, though

@djsundog @poiseunderchaos Yeah I think for a more prolific label it might be tough. As much as I 'd like to buy every single Warp release I don't know if I have the bandwidth. I do think for Blue Note it's kind of perfect, unless I am underestimating what their release schedule is like

@pagrus @poiseunderchaos if you don't count reissues, probably a couple dozen new releases in their biggest month these days, I'd bet, but I'll look it up and see later

@djsundog @poiseunderchaos OK that is more than I thought. Do they have any imprints? Is that even a thing any more? All of my music industry biz knowledge is current as of 1991

@pagrus @poiseunderchaos technically they are an imprint at this point - I think they're Sony now iirc. and I may be overestimating their volume by a factor of two or more - I'll definitely check.

@djsundog @poiseunderchaos cool, although it's kind of academic for me. I would definitely vote for your idea though, given the chance

@djsundog I had an unofficial version of that from someone at Cleopatra back in the '90s, leftover from DJing, and it was *fantastic*. Also sometimes awful, Cleo's motto was "if it's dark, ship it".

You've never heard bad until you've heard teenagers imitating Sisters of Mercy with Casio loops.

@mdhughes @djsundog that actually sounds like a phenomenal idea for a band.

Couldn't turn out worse than the actual Sisters of Mercy in their current form.

@mdhughes @djsundog Duuude, now I miss my old Cleopatra Records collection. I wonder if I can still find all those 1990s classics such as "first twelve people to fire up Sound Forge and cover a Madonna track gets a check!" and "hey everyone we've signed, you mind all remixing each other again real quick like?"

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