currently ripping a bit-perfect copy of 1985's "Primitive Love" by Miami Sound Machine because of course I am, it is a fantastic album and this copy is old enough to have not been remastered for ear buds.

@djsundog I would be more than happy to provide an off-site backup of those files for you.

@djsundog Come on shake your body baby do the conga

@djsundog does "remastered for earbuds" mean compression? (of the frequency type, just in case I used the wrong words)

@ddipaola that's part of it, but it ends up being a bunch of crap, mostly designed to minimize the number of audible artifacts that occur when using lossy compression on the original masters and tweaking the eq to deal with the lack of real low frequencies

@ddipaola I shouldn't talk crap about "remastered for itunes" honestly since Bob Ludwig worked on some of the earliest remasters for the program and he's a minor house god here in Sundogistan, but I still prefer the "older" mastering techniques in general use during the 1985-2000ish CD runs if I'm listening to them.

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