Let's talk a little about Philippe Kahn.

This cat founded Borland, makers of Turbo Pascal and friends.

This cat cobbled together the first digital camera+cell phone combination, to share pics of his newborn child.

This cat developed rudimentary sleep trackers so boat crew could maximize their power naps.

But I don't much want to talk about all that.

Philippe Kahn, while earning his degree in mathematics, also pulled off a masters in music composition and classical flute.

He contains multitudes.

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In 1990, after taking Borland International, Inc. from a nickel-and-dime nobody to a Brand Name taking on Microsoft for developer mindshare, apparently Kahn felt the need to flex some of the non-tech stuff swimming inside him.

This led to the release of the only album I know of that was published by Borland Musical Craftmanship, a division of Borland International.

Catalog number BMC-1001.

Philippe Kahn's "Pacific High", published in 1991.

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