Keys you've intentionally used on a computer keyboard within the last 12 months:

@djsundog To be fair though I map Caps Lock to Control so I use it all the damn time

@sungo ah, I should have added a "for their intended use" caveat or smth lol

@djsundog @sungo does pasting count as the intended use for insert? that's the only thing I've ever used it for.

@technomancy @sungo to my knowledge, the true intended purpose of the insert key is to toggle between insert mode and overtype mode during text entry. I'm willing to entertain documentary proof otherwise, pending pedigree.

@djsundog @sungo my understanding is that interpretation was only one of many that was widespread when the key was first introduced; it didn't have a canonical cross-program meaning until much later. but anyway, I just use shift-ins to avoid having to reach for the mouse to middle-click. (the rest are useless, which is why they don't even exist on my layout)
@technomancy @djsundog ok. I didn't know about shift-insert and you just made my day. thank you :)

@technomancy @sungo I'm willing to buy that my understanding is biased by my own personal history with the key and the systems I had access to, actually, so that's fair - I guess I'll allow it ;)

@djsundog @technomancy @sungo I had to use Insert when playing with WordTsar.

I guess I use both Insert and Capslock on the Atari emulator; I try not to hit Capslock because lowercase is useless.

@djsundog shift+insert for paste in an xterm is so nice. (I also swap caps+ctrl, but saw your caveat)

@AFresh1 @djsundog shift+insert is just paste from highlight in Linux, FYI

@Hex @djsundog ya, that. The thing that puts what I want into the window. :-)

@djsundog PrintScreen? PrintScreen? Who are you people and what perverse things are you doing with your keyboards?

@lwr82 @djsundog @bremner

I didn't make the world, I'm just trying to live in it and ... occasionally gathering receipts.

@bremner @djsundog presumably, to print what's on the screen. (it's also used to take a screenshot on some systems)

@djsundog scroll lock can be handy in huge spreadsheets tbh

but really I suspect using it as the hotkey for a KVM is far more prevalent

hell, CrashOnCtrlScroll might actually be more popular

@y6nH @lwr82 @Mainebot @djsundog

Or, SysRq is useful for users with hanging Linux systems, in case of unrecoverable system lockups:

Alt+SysRq+S (Sync)
Alt+SysRq+S (Sync)
Alt+SysRq+S (Sync)
Alt+SysRq+U (Umount)
Alt+SysRq+B (re-Boot)

Use with caution, don't try at home, yada yada.
Despite the other SysRq functions, these are enabled by default.

@djsundog I have caps lock remapped to control when held and escape when tapped.

so technically I use caps lock key all the time, but not it's function

@djsundog what about the Menu key, it's my compose key on each keyboard that has it (otherwise it's right ctrl) and I use compose at least a few times a day

@lucidiot pause/break is a key that I feel like some people might use, but I've always used S/Q for flow control and C for break and I rarely ever think to do otherwise

@djsundog I answered all of them: scroll lock is my kvm menu trigger, i regularly use print screen to take screenshots, my caps lock key is actually remapped to compose so i can do röck döts (well, and actual real accents, etc.), and the insert key overwrite mode is useful when editing ascii diagrams.

@djsundog now, the "Pause/Break" key, that's a real mystery. Also I haven't had any reason to hit F6 through F9 for anything.

@djsundog I started using scroll lock again when I went to work in my home office; scroll lock scroll lock page up/down switches monitors on my KVM.

@djsundog It's quite surprising to find a demographic who see caps lock as a useless key.

For an actual writer of actual texts (and not some code or such abstract things) caps lock is an essential necessity.


Also keep in mind that some machines Apples and Chromebooks don't even have some of those keys as a "key".

@djsundog I should note that I use a screenshot utility which specifically binds to PrtScrn.

And I use Ins to toggle that mode in Vim.

@djsundog who are these monsters using capslock, is what I want to know

@pagrus @djsundog Me.

I have RSI, and holding shift while typing SYMBOLS_THAT_ARE_ALL_CAPS can get painful if it happens enough. Depending on the software that I'm working on, that can be quite frequently indeed.

@pagrus @djsundog i wager a non-trivial amount didn't see the clarification, and voted because they remapped the physical capslock key to something useful like control or esc.

@djsundog I’m lucky enough to have a non-traditional keyboard with a programmable layout, so in fact I have none of those keys to press 😅

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