instance block 

new from the toot-lab going out to due to the admin having an edgelord account

I also went so far as to block jasonl8446 on any other instance I saw, because yeah, nah.

instance block 

@djsundog And too, because of course. :blobrollingeyes:

instance block 

@djsundog I continue to appreciate other people working on the front lines to discover these instances so that I don't ever have to worry about them ever.

Thank you for your service.

re: instance block 

@theartguy it's a pleasure, though to be honest, it's usually just a matter of them self-identifying by faving or boosting one of my posts - I'm genetically pre-disposed to have to check any new domain I've never seen lol

re: instance block 

@djsundog @theartguy

Oh, look a request for loli stuff too *~*who's surprised*~* ?!


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