networking in linux, the sundog rankings:

tired: /etc/network/interfaces
wired: /etc/network/interfaces.d/
inspired: /etc/netplan
conspired: /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/
desired: /etc/network/interfaces

@djsundog Marginally surprised /etc/systemd/network/ isn't listed somewhere ;)

@djsundog AFAIK there is no systemd-activitypub just yet, so we're safe.

@djsundog I don't even desire that, tbqh.

I just want a fucking script with a bunch of network configuration commands that are executed in-order. Commands that I can cut and paste to the shell if I need to debug them.

If it's one thing I fucking hate, and this has been a growing problem with Linux over the years, it's an operating system that thinks it knows more about my configuration than I do.

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