covid-adjacent, uspol, longish 

after this is all over, be sure to remind people, as often as they'll allow you to get away with it, that:

  • telecoms did not need data caps, had plenty of capacity to donate to low-income folks, and were never in danger of going bankrupt because of the lack of data caps or the additional usage

  • folks who work on computers all day can do that wherever computers are; most tech offices are merely trophies to show off to other tech offices.

  • the government wasn't concerned with helping people, it was concerned with helping business. it was people who were helping people and often the government merely got in the way of that.

  • trillions of dollars was found to allocate as soon as they wanted to; every time anyone asks how anything will be funded it's merely to shut down the conversation.

keep a running list of your favorite facts and get them in front of as many folk as you can, as often as you can, and maybe, just maybe, we can get more folks on board for change


re: covid-adjacent, uspol, longish 

here's another one:

  • all these businesses are perfectly capable of offering all of their customers net 60 payment schedules just like they offer each other

(net 60 is a common shorthand for "customer has 60 days to pay this invoice without penalty" also described as "60 days same as cash" financing in USian furniture stores and the ilk)

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