As the #pinephone gets closer and closer to being in daily driver state, here's a handy list of mobile-friendly linux apps for your consideration:

@djsundog are there any screenshots of these apps? its a bit much text to read.

@felix it's not my list, just one I found, so you know as much about it as I do

@djsundog Oho, nice!

Gonna try to compile some of these on my #Pinephone; there's a lot pre-compiled in the postmarketOS repos but not everything, and I prefer the Debian underpinnings of KDE Neon anyways, and either way having a big list of apps with links to source makes it a lot easier to self-compile (not to mention crib from working existing examples for writing my own, which I've been flailing around at with some minor success).

@djsundog I’m amazed at how many of my daily use applications are on that list. Omg


It's funny, you know. Everyone seems to be talking about when it's going to get to "daily driver" state. While I understand that this will mean different things to different people, I do wonder what *most* people would consider was essential for a phone to be considered to be minimally ready as a "daily driver".

I'm guessing web browser, phone calls, texting, camera, contacts and email?

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