lunchtime on a Tuesday is not exactly the time for but this is not exactly a screenshot so I feel okay with this.

have a photo of my working-from-home workspace, featuring my beloved disco dingo desktop background created by @sylvia_ritter

(I have a very nice print of this work as well, but it is still awaiting a frame suitable for containing such beauty)

@djsundog @sylvia_ritter my wallpapers are the audio reactive one on wallpaper engine haha :acnl_singing:

@sylvia_ritter aw, the pleasure is mine, every day I get to see the beauty you've added to my world 🤗

@djsundog Some real dark web hacker vibes, working in an unfinished basement. ;)

Nice set up!

@ink_slinger the dress code for the @djsundog home office should include a black hoodie.

@djsundog I like the table surface, really indicates "someone does work here"
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