Hewwo fediverse, Eldritch Radio is now live at radio.eldritch.cafe !

It's a web player for media shared here with hashtags. Maybe you already know pouet.audio/ ? Eldritch Radio is greatly inspired by it but allow settings customization and is more user friendly (and gay).

Share your favorites songs with us :blob_rave: :bowsette_blonde:

Don't hesitate to send us ideas for improvements or bug reports !

We already have some features we would like to add to the application in future releases.

Eldritch Radio was made by @tixie and me. She is really awesome and this project couldn't have been done without her. 💜

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@milia @tixie

this is extremely cool!

would you mind other instances running your code? I couldn't see a license in the repo and don't want to step on your toes if you don't want it being used outside of eldritch.cafe

@djsundog @tixie it's under Anti-Fascist MIT License, we just added it.


Feel free to contribute/rebrand it (it already works with any mastodon instance via the settings !)

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