all the news about modern cpu vulnerabilities make me think: how capable would old 8- and 16-bit machines (or new machines built on simple 8/16-bit cpus) be at handling the internet (irc, xmpp, text-based web, maybe even twitter/masto api) usage? #mos6502 #z80 #68k

which, to me, mostly means: how powerful a cpu has to be so it could handle the #crypto algorithms used in modern-day #ssl / #tls / etc. protocols at a reasonable speed?


@devurandom I think the trick is to probably use some TLS offload hardware, akin to (but not necessarily related to and preferably an open hardware design of) the Broadcom BCM5850 - the same, honestly, as I think makes sense for the actual network stack - a poor ol' has enough going on without having to worry about managing a complete, secure tcp stack when a much simpler interface to offload processing could suffice in my opinion, but I'm always up to hearing about better ideas :)

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