Okay, so, uh, yeah, there's nothing stopping someone from running nextcloud server locally on debian on pinephone, if that's a thing someone wanted to do for some reason...

cc @requiem


the one from this thread: forum.pine64.org/showthread.ph

which lives in this repo: gitlab.com/a-wai/debos-pinepho

it's a pretty straightforward image build script to customize with your desired packages and such, definitely the easiest to screw with that I've played with so far

@djsundog related: have you tried using one of those USB-C to usb/hdmi/network adapters with the phone yet? I’m wondering if there’s one that works, would make hacking on this a bit easier :)


@requiem 0 for 2 under the debian+phosh build unfortunately :( nothing changes in lsusb so I'm guessing a driver is missing

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