Okay, so, uh, yeah, there's nothing stopping someone from running nextcloud server locally on debian on pinephone, if that's a thing someone wanted to do for some reason...

cc @requiem

@TheGibson @requiem all theoretical and edge cases for sure, but one could imagine running full-blown web apps locally on the phone set to sync with a less mobile but highly available "home server" being desirable under some scenarios


@TheGibson @requiem also, it provides a pretty smooth path to app dev for the phone where the ui is html/css/js but the backend is an actual backend, rather than using electron wrappers and such - y'know, old school.

@TheGibson @requiem as a spurious data point, spinning up that nextcloud instance with apache and mysql on the phone itself and the browser open, the system was still riding at about 50% of ram free. not shabby in my book.

@djsundog @thegibson yes, this is the gist :)

I have a lot more to say, but also tired.

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