Okay, so, uh, yeah, there's nothing stopping someone from running nextcloud server locally on debian on pinephone, if that's a thing someone wanted to do for some reason...

cc @requiem

with a wireguard connection back to a machine with a static ip and some proxy services running, you could probably host a lot of stuff live from your pocket, if you were so inclined.

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@djsundog I was thinking about this a lot after your earlier post; for the last six months my development workflow has been "remote IDE with X11 on a RPi4," and, like.... why not just dev against a device I have with me almost all the time anyway? (I mean, I'm sure performance would leave a lot to be desired for remote windowed stuff, but for running a headless web dev stack? Pretty cool)

@thermous @djsundog I feel like the main issue would be battery life.

@operand @djsundog yeah, you'd definitely want a power source. Also from what I understand, microSD cards aren't great for heavy read/write activity. When I began using an RPi as a dev machine, I fried the SD card after 2 or 3 months. Since then I'm using an external HDD for the OS and file storage.

@djsundog love to back things up to the same place im backing up from


the one from this thread:

which lives in this repo:

it's a pretty straightforward image build script to customize with your desired packages and such, definitely the easiest to screw with that I've played with so far

@djsundog well damn, this came along at just the right time...

@djsundog related: have you tried using one of those USB-C to usb/hdmi/network adapters with the phone yet? I’m wondering if there’s one that works, would make hacking on this a bit easier :)

@requiem 0 for 2 under the debian+phosh build unfortunately :( nothing changes in lsusb so I'm guessing a driver is missing

@djsundog What is it with me and failing to find a usable download link for these pinephone images? 😂​

I guess I can build my own, but not on my Pinebook (it's running Manaro instead of something debian-based).

@djsundog oooh found one, now to see how it runs :)

Thanks for turning me on to this distro, will be slick to have Debian on this thing!

@djsundog What I'm most excited to explore is how many of the hardware features I can get working from either the command line or directly via Python API's. Anything I can reach there I can expose as a REST API that can then be called by client-side web apps, which makes it pretty easy to hack-out a UI.

If I get that far I'll try a custom build that's just enough to do that, load a browser and display the GUI as HTML.

@djsundog hey, this looks pretty nice.

I need to learn more about the GUI

@djsundog nice, not a lot but it's something. I imagine there's a repo I can prowl around in.

Did you say you went with tmobile for cell service?

@requiem metro, which is tmo's prepaid service nowadays - I use tmo for my primary phone so I got a prepaid sim just for the pinephone testing phase

@djsundog cool, that's what I'm looking for, just enough service to test things out until I can switch (which may be soon, my needs are pretty limited).

@requiem yeah, I ended up setting up a debian 10 vm just to do the build lol - give a try if you'd rather dodge that step at this stage ;)

@djsundog I definitely do want to build my own custom image at some point, but probably not as the first step :)

@TheGibson @requiem all theoretical and edge cases for sure, but one could imagine running full-blown web apps locally on the phone set to sync with a less mobile but highly available "home server" being desirable under some scenarios

@TheGibson @requiem also, it provides a pretty smooth path to app dev for the phone where the ui is html/css/js but the backend is an actual backend, rather than using electron wrappers and such - y'know, old school.

@TheGibson @requiem as a spurious data point, spinning up that nextcloud instance with apache and mysql on the phone itself and the browser open, the system was still riding at about 50% of ram free. not shabby in my book.

@djsundog @thegibson yes, this is the gist :)

I have a lot more to say, but also tired.

@djsundog @requiem seems like that angle reframes it as a kinda cool ultra portable piratebox-esque platform in a way.

@trashheap @requiem it's definitely the first smartphone I've owned that felt like it could easily be tons more than just a hobbled smartphone

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