headline: "we're not prepared for the end of moore's law"

buddy, we weren't prepared for the beginning of moore's law, we weren't prepared for the middle of moore's law, what made you think

@djsundog i was actually waiting for moores law to end, to get into tech

@joshua the end of moores law should be when it starts getting good again, so good plan 👍

@djsundog LOL

i was ten when i got this notion of "waiting", no actual good reason at the time except for "its getting too popular. this 'fad' wont last forever, this wouldnt be a good time to get into it"

the other reason was the amount of bullying i got.

why arent there more women in tech? why isnt it more diverse in general?

answer: bullying. lots. and lots of violent bullying.

FROM nerds :blobcatgooglyshrug:


is Moore's law a ban or a mandate
concerning a certain Roger
and his quaint little
bond films

@djsundog well, to be fair, our ability to postpone reckoning with the end of moore's law doubled with every eighteen months we held on, so somebody probably figured they could ride it out until they retired.


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