ok, postmarketOS with phosh picked up my SIM and connected the modem all on its own, dialed a call (still no call audio), and did the right thing sending and receiving SMS.

things are getting good in open source phone land, folks

@djsundog would you be interested in hearing an idea for dealing with call audio? (from my time messing around with pmos)
@djsundog if you're willing to put in a bit of time to reconfigure and recompile the kernel (using pmbootstrap and all that), you can turn on usb headset (e.g. logitech) support and then hook up one of those via usb-otg

of course last time i tried it i was able to get audio (confirmed by a mic test) but not to get the audio properly hooked up to ofono, but i think that's a more tractable issue at least
@djsundog it's heartening to see someone having a good time with this stuff. i'm excited to keep hearing how your future adventures with it go c:
@djsundog I will share your optimism once I see enough devs start contributing to one of these distros so that it starts nearing finished state, instead of a half dozen distros just languishing in half-finished state.
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