furnace update: landlords just emailed us, we should be hearing from the hvac folk to schedule a repair appointment any time now, so we should have central heat again by mid next week if all goes well

@djsundog you mad man, printing widgets without central heat.

@TheGibson bed temp before heating was 7 degrees Celsius - getting ready for the world science establishment to call me up to run fabrication department at mcmurdo

That's definitely a plus. Do y'all need more heaters?

@Tayo no, we're good as long as these three don't give up on us - thanks :)

@djsundog *glances at 0°F from this morning* Uh, good luck y'all.

@aschmitz we're supposed to be seeing a slight uptick in temps up to the low 50s (overnight low 40s/high 30s) by Monday, so it could deffo be worse - clearly! this is for y'all: 🔥

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