11 layers (2.5mm) into the z axis and it's looking okay so far.

Only has to do another 374 layers without any glitches.

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if this comes out, I'm gonna be hard pressed not to load up the spool of maroon ABS I have in waiting

(yes, I am printing with allTheSupports! because this is a thin and tall model with a bunch of nothin in the middle and I would like to have a chance at seeing this succeed even if it means a bit of time with the knife doing cleanup)

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(plus, removing internal supports is almost kinda like bubblewrap in terms of being able to spark joy)

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and with that, I am going to allow myself to remember that I'm actually sick and nursing a cold and get myself back into bed.

g'night, y'all :blobpats:

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@djsundog Agh, sorry, I guess my first glimpse of the base printing was right and it wasn't just a camera trick. Looks like it's pretty good modulo base adhesion making the bottom curl up. People will recommend tape or glue, but personally I just make the raft wider.

@Ricardus @djsundog The pins on the back appear to be I2c, interrupt, and power. Seems like it's designed for external battery.
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