250 MBs of updates now installing - thanks pacman

also, see how hard it was to root? ;p

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Is this the Braveheart edition or dev? I think my Braveheart will arrive tomorrow!


Man, it's killing! What are your first impressions so far?

@Clifford it's going to be a fantastic mid-grade-ish phone, but it's going to be a while before we're there, software-wise, for the mobile experience folk are used to, but things are progressing nicely it seems


Sweet! I'm sure I will lose a few hours to it tomorrow. Can't wait to get it!

@djsundog at first glance i thought the :-) button on the keyboard was >:)

Anything new on a release date for the final phone?! I WANT ONE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!
@ManjaroARM @PINE64

@micahbp not that I'm aware of - I would expect to be hearing more about the GA release over the next month or so as the various software projects make more headway, as I'm pretty sure they will wait for GA launch until there's at least one semi-stable and usable image to ship on the internal storage

Speaking of which, the momentum of the software development has been incredible!

@micahbp indeed! I've also been quite impressed with the lack of friction involved in the various projects sharing knowledge and solutions with each other during the bringup phases of development - it's one of the rare times that the promise of open-source collaboration rather than competition is shining through brightly and I'm very here for it.

We really may be able to ditch the big two for Linux Smart Phones before you know it.

@djsundog @micahbp

AFAIK the idea is still to start production around March, provided there's a suitably good OS available to ship the phone with. seeing how fast things are going now it's possible imo

that's assuming the coronavirus epidemic is over by then ofc

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