a distributed federated thingiverse would not be unappreciated tbh

@djsundog Now that's actually a very good idea.I never created a Thingiverse account because of the huge of data that Makerbot collects.

@ericbuijs @djsundog it's the sort of thing that Federated Wiki was almost tailor-made for

It would be cool to do something like that on the fedi but how could we find things? Also we'd need a better name for them like droppings. Then we'd have toots and droppings.

@Tayo @djsundog It’s hacky, but a shared hashtag might work as a temp measure

Maybe #disthing for a distributed thingiverse?

@thegibson @djsundog we worked on this once...I must have some bits of it around here somewhere...

Years ago prusa and I and many others did an “occupy thingiverse” thing and then came up with alternatives, but couldn’t get critical mass.

@requiem @thegibson @djsundog We've got MMF, Cults, and a couple others now. Just none with the full library of Thingiverse. I figure eventually makerbot will get tired of running a service that makes 0$ for Stratsys.

@djsundog It would be cool to generalize it a bit more than Thingiverse too and include things like circuit board designs, sewing patterns, etc, and categorize them with tags. If there was a mechanism in place to link objects, you could do things like link to the 3D printed enclosure for a board, build full machines out of objects designed by other people, or specify optional periferals for things.

@djsundog MediaGoblin does federation, and includes 3D models as one of its media types. I've never actually used it but it's on my list of things to try installing and using someday.

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