All right - lineage 17.1, based on android 10, does indeed run on nexus 7 2013.

Another google device has been de-googled.


For interested parties, I followed these instructions:

using twrp and lineage 17.1 rom linked in that post, along with android-tools on manjaro-arm (yep, used a $99 laptop to re-flash what was a tablet costing twice that lol)

@djsundog Ooh, 17.1

A relative has a Nexus 7 (I held out too long, and ended up with a Shield) that I keep offering to install lineage.


Please note that this post is primary related to TWRP and the Pixel 3 and 4 and devices that may ship in the future that ship with Android 10 as their original version of Android. Older non-Pixel devices that shipped with older versions of Android and receive upgrades to Android 10 are not affected.

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