I can't find anyone who's ported #SymbOS to the #rc2014 platform but that sure would be heckin alright (there is a 512k RAM / 512k ROM module for rc2014...hmmm...)


I bet @ajroach42 would rock this on a daily driver just to meet people at cafes

@djsundog reminds me of contiki. I've never used either. Real multi tasking on an 8 bit sounds like my kind of party though.

@ajroach42 I haven't used either either, but based on my experiences with what magic these machines can do as well as my brief forays into things like the early days of QNX and GEOS, I'd really like to see how far we can push some of this older architecture towards some modern applications.

@djsundog pc/geos is open source now, and ran like the wind on a 486

@djsundog i am certainly interested but don't have the hardware sadly

i have a V9958 and MSX1->MSX2+ conversion board waiting to be installed but i don't know enough about the MSX to know where to begin

@mavica yeah, I'm in the weeds at this point too tbh - I'm hoping to pick up a lot of what I need to know along the way lol

the good folks over on msx.org might be able to help with #MSX related questions. :)
I couldn't quickly find anything relevant, but their (or I guess I should say 'our', as technically I'm still one of their moderators with some admin rights) wiki might be worth a browse too: msx.org/wiki/

@djsundog #SymbOS sure is sexy yeah, at least from what I've seen running on #MSX2, or higher with, #V9990 VDP.

@mavica I mean, the first video card I'm starting with is a cheat really, because it uses a pi0 to read the memory of the rc2014 and emulate bitmapped graphics as implemented in various other systems over the pi's hdmi port

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