So maybe, in the vein of ad blockers and subscribing to blocklists, we need host finders that allow us to subscribe to host lookup lists that we trust. A few simple rules for resolving conflicts (list priorities? show all options along with source list ident? dunno) and an equally simple API.



Reminds me of the old Usenet days, of finding a host/service that both kept the groups in which one had interest and provided a long, long history instead of the past sixty days.

re: NoDNS 

@thraeryn yeah, good point. it's very much the same vibe, and is probably a good indicator of part of what it is I feel like I'm missing "these days". There was a certain amount of "concentrating" of communities that occurred because of the resource limits that made "infinitely huge" communities impractical before the days of ubiquitous fast links and cheap storage.

getting a bit off-topic, but just a bit 


The net needs curation. It did then; it does now.

It needs to be a place where anyone can put anything, but also where the cream rises to the top.

Algorithms don't know cream from whey.


re: getting a bit off-topic, but just a bit 

@thraeryn well said!

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