It appears assembling a lil homebrew Z80 compy is in my future, as I have been given an RC2014 kit along with most of the supported modules.


7ish MHz? You could squeeze a NES emulator into that

@djsundog imagining what a fully built fully expanded board would look like under a thin plexi box with some subtle LED lighting.

@Mainebot I could probably rig an interface to my Kaypro's floppy drives without too much hassle... :blobthonkang:

@djsundog oh man, I’ve considered that thing so many times...

@requiem me too, it's been in my "one of these days" queues, but someone decided to bump it and I couldn't be more pleased ;)

@djsundog that’s awesome, can’t wait to see what you do with it.

@djsundog must share video clips of beeps boops and blinkenlights once it is assembled!

Definitely a technological treasure worthy of a blue metal project box with walnut end pieces.

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