Children know it's all daft, all this running around and advertising and buying and selling and offices and business casual and futures trading and planned obsolescence. Doesn't make any sense. Way too complicated and unfair rules. Don't want to play.

If you see them, these children who see through it, save them. Let them know they're not wrong. It's all daft.

It's gonna take a while and they're the next wave.

@djsundog Guy I know got fancy business cards for his new gig. His little kid picked one up, looked at him and asked quite seriously "What does it do?"

@djsundog I am feeling it hard right now. Decided to take a position a recruiter offered to build runway for BlackFireSec... was supposed to be work from home.


So now I am getting angry a week in. The work is stupendously easy, the pay is good, and I am failing to deal with being punished because I live in the same city as the office.

I can’t deal with everyone trying to look busy.
The guy “training” me while very good at what he does, is working from home.

Getting very fed up.

@TheGibson it's everywhere, oozing out. The thing is broken; has been for lifetimes; the flaws are known and obvious. Most human "economic" effort serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Folk get tired of pretending the emperors ever wore clothes at all.

@djsundog @thegibson I am so, so damn glad that this thing I always sensed, but also always felt "broken" for sensing, is beginning to get talked about the past few years.

I felt like shit for much of my adult life because I couldn't make myself take the system seriously. It was like my embarrassing secret. 💜

@erosdiscordia @djsundog

It’s important to keep this a good relationship. Huge potential.

So I have to dance this dance.

I am 1 week in.

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