I am waiting "OK Gen-X"

I will decimate them with decades of pent up nihilism.


zoomers lump us in with boomers, so I just reply with "OK zoomer" when the stench of youthful self-righteousness becomes unbearable.


@starbreaker @djsundog I mean, I think they haven't encountered Gen-X's nihilistic ray of doom.

All we have to do is use to one word cantrip we mastered in the early 90's.

@djsundog "The reason we still have the same haircuts, clothing, and favorite bands books or films is because they never sucked in the first place" —Xeni

@TheGibson @djsundog There's a moment in "The World's End" where Gary King channels me (well, really the whole film is Pegg making fun of me):
"I still like the Sisters of Mercy."

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