I know I'm already an insufferable pine64 shill a lot of the time, but my first bit of time with the Pinebook Pro redoubles my resolve to move to a PinePhone ASAP. They do nice work over at @PINE64

@djsundog keep up the shilling! i am on the brink of ordering a pinebook myself, and i like to hear stories about them =)

@djsundog @PINE64

I am informed that my Pro is due very soon. Your note encourages me!


@Algot my pleasure - I hope you end up as pleased with your purchase as I am so far with mine!

@djsundog @PINE64 I use things that don't have ARM/RISC-V builds.

Plus I'd rather RISC-V over ARM, but that's me.

@gudenau as soon as someone releases a RISC-V laptop for USD 200 I'll buy one of those as well.

@gudenau @djsundog @PINE64 Me too, but it'll still be a while longer. RISC-V ecosystem development seems to happen in fits and starts, and I'm as impatient as the next person. My own home-grown projects are basically in stasis until my day-job can let me have my mental bandwidth back, and most RV-invested companies and groups are either into ultra embedded or ultra-task-optimized computing. :(

@djsundog @gudenau @PINE64 Of course, that‘s why ARM and everything else but x86 is RISC :).

@djsundog @PINE64 No, just making the wait for mine to be insufferable!

I dragged my feet on ordering it forever, so I'm probably in a much later batch. 😭​

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