@djsundog is Mikey okay? He's the drummer in Gethard's house band on TCGS.

@djsundog He was the principal writer and vocalist for The Ergs!


And, of course, TCGS is punk rock TV, in as raw a form as it gets.

It is far and away the weirdest thing that ever happened on TV, and I mean that sincerely.


@ajroach42 @djsundog

Human fish...
Human fish...
What’s he thinking?
Human fish...
(So mysterious!)

@djsundog I can't at all say that TCGS will be your cup of tea, or anyone's for that matter, but it's a really wonderful testament to the idea of not asking for permission, not giving a damn in the results are messy, and making art by whatever means are available.

It's a mess, a train wreck, and honestly a lot of fun.

@djsundog The first few episodes are especially wild and loose, the format changes from week to week, and they don't really have any idea what they are doing.

They settle in to a good rhythm by about episode 7, but I think it's worth watching the evolution.

@ajroach42 @djsundog

Checkin’ in with Alyssa!
Checkin’ in with Alyssa!
Checkin’ in with Alyssa,
Alyssa what’s uuuuuup?

@djsundog If we start exchanging ergs, then we have to start considering ergonomics and who has the energy for that?

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