I haven't seen any conversation building up to this anniversary anywhere and I'm kind of surprised.

This upcoming November will mark the 30th anniversary of the opening of the very first commercial Internet service provider offering dial-up access to the general public.

That ISP is The World, and they still offer dial-up connections.



Being older than thirty years old, I remember this, but only due to tiny mentions in periodicals aimed at the computer aficionados of the later 1980s as I did not live near Brookline, MA and could not have afforded the long distance charges.

It did steer the course of my personal future, for five years on I'd decide to take a swing at replicating what they had done and opened a dial-up ISP of my own, and that ended up giving me the confidence to keep going with all this stuff I really don't know much about. So, shout out to The World for being inspirational.

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@djsundog wait we had the first commercial isp? holy shit?

i had no idea!

( granted, like, i guess i maybe shouldn't be surprised given the institutions around and also that someone at my old kung fu school got in on the ground floor fast enough to snag "taichi.com" but )

@bobby_newmark yeppers, we're all here in the fediverse due to a lineage that runs squarely through your back yard.

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