The existence of a generic "legal name" implies the existence of a more powerful "illegal name".

@djsundog i'm legally a girl now, which implies that at some point i've been a girl illegally, which is cyberpunk as hell

@adasauce @maple @djsundog Being a girl is like falling in love. Nobody can tell you are in love, you only know it and feel inside your bones and flesh!

illegal names are when you trigger a seg-fault in life.

@djsundog There technically isn't a law against someone's name containing \0.

@djsundog the illegal name is the one you use when you register all your unlawful activity with the crime union.

@djsundog everyone has at least 9 names
but they might not know them all

@webweaver @djsundog remember trying to explain to my wife how everyone has at least 2 nicknames, real name and their chosen screen name. They can be referred to using any of these names at any moment so you need to keep track!

@djsundog There's no such thing as a legal name in the UK. People have names on their birth certificates (which are probably the nearest equivalent) but are free to use any name they please so long as it's not for the purposes of fraud.

E.g., it's quite legal to run for Parliament under the name “Lord Buckethead”; I don't suppose that's what's on his birth certificate.

Presumably that means there are no illegal names?


@edavies I'm quite saddened to learn that my British siblings are denied the secret strength of their illegal names.


@edavies @djsundog @mwlucas Hmm, similar in New Zealand -- except you're not legally allowed to name your kid "Duke" or something implying they've got a title. Did we not inherit that from the UK? Or did we and then the UK abolished the rule and we didn't?

@zeborah @edavies @djsundog If your name is Duke and you try to immigrate to New Zealand, do you have to change your name?

@mwlucas @edavies @djsundog ...Huh. No idea. Maybe you just get shunted into the "too hard basket" part of the waitlist....

@mwlucas As I recall, in such situations (where the immigrant's first name is a homograph of a title), they prefix the name with the string "Not Really A" on the naturalisation certificate.

(That's why my (naturalised) Kiwi friend Baron has the nickname "Not Really".)

@djsundog @edavies @zeborah

@emacsomancer if this is true then I am absolutely delighted and wish I had sired more children with titular names to send abroad.

@zeborah Could it just be that New Zealand case law considers names like “Duke” as fraudulent? I doubt either the UK or NZ parliaments have passed specific laws either way.

@djsundog @mwlucas

@zeborah Huh, interesting.

I wonder if they need a clause for little Bobby Tables, too 🙄

Still, better than Iceland where there's a whitelist of allowed names you're not allowed to go off.

@djsundog @mwlucas

@djsundog Alice is my legal name and Rose is my illegal name :3

@djsundog i feel like all of my accounts online (ergo my identity for the service) is all kinds of not specifically “legal,” as it’s not enforced by legislation. But what do I know? I am no expert on law and legislation.

@djsundog the street value of my name was valued at over £450K when police seized it

@djsundog my illegal name cannot be spoken by mortal tongues

@djsundog the trick is making sure they don't show up under "aliases" in your fbi file

WWII mention 

@djsundog fun fact: many families who survived WWII literally had to get rid their /illigal/ (or very "risky") name in order to survive.

Including mine.

Many immigrants/refugees have to change their name in order to be able to immigrate, today.

@djsundog My illegal name is Hypolite Petovan. Got my Facebook account frozen over it.
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