The second (and currently last) shipment of #lcd panels I ordered just arrived from Shenzhen

This is a set of two (2) 11.6 inch diagonal 1920x1080 IPS eDP panels along with associated driver boards to add hdmi/vga/composite inputs and power.

USD 33/panel, 15/driver board

I'll get them hooked up to something eventually over the next couple of days.

@ajroach42 not bad - got some noise coming through that is probably the driver board's fault (or possibly my 12v battery pack) but it's got colors that are pretty and its backlight is bright

@ajroach42 yup, though the panel only needs 3.3v if you have an eDP output that's compatible.

@djsundog how would you rank all the screens you've recently received?
Both in ease of use, and in overall quality?

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