(btw, I'm hoping that 13% of respondents get a chance to feel more child-like soon - it really is the best of states)

@djsundog I’m happy 87% of people do feel like a kid, when I was covering videogames there were so many boys (generally aged 16-25) who swore they were not children and refused to accept anything remotely youthful despite, in reality, playing with toys on the regs

@djsundog I could not agree more: only good things come from feeling childlike and free to think without constraints.

@djsundog aaahhhhhh i want a translucent pinephone SO BAD

@er1n right?? if they don't release it with a translucent option then we'll just have to make it happen anyway

Personally, not a fan of translucent anything. If I could I would replace the windshield in my car with a camera and projector system. ;P

@vertigo just as long as you feel child-like glee while piloting your telepresence vehicle during your telecommute to the windowless room ;)

Oh no I would actually be in the car while it's driving. I'm just damn tired of having to Shell out $700 every 3 years due to debris on the road cracking my windshield.

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