le sigh

so, linernotes (vanilla masto) is definitely without a stream_entries table in postgres.

the toot-lab (glitchsoc masto) definitely has a stream_entries table in postgres.

I'm too brain fried for this.

It's only Wednesday.

@djsundog I would offer to help, but I am in a similar state of not knowing I'll be able to contribute much. (Also my personal installation is... probably a year out of date? And I should get my own house in order before presuming to be able to diagnose another.) 😞 Instead I'll just offer the best luck I have on hand. 🍀

@aschmitz that 🍀 did it - thanks!

(well, that and dumping the stream_entries schema from the toot-lab and unceremoniously shoving into linernotes)

Something something nail something something big enough hammer. :blobpeek:

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