welp, linernotes is being funky (in not the good way)

seems like its missing some database migration along the way, although running db:migrate does nothing to resolve it.

if anyone has a quick fix for "relation 'stream_entries' does not exist" I'm all ears


@djsundog I think we removed stream_entries in one of the latest updates—maybe you just need to restart your code? (and make sure you're restarting both web AND sidekiq)

@nightpool I just updated from 2.9.2 to 2.9.3 and restarted all the services along the way (thrice now) - rebooting the server now to see if maybe the voodoo helps.

I have received recent reports of federation issues from linernotes since upgrading to 2.9.2 so I'm not even sure when the root problem occurred at this point, tbh

@djsundog hmm... I think right now this code is only in master... did you happen to run the DB migrations for master on accident?


@nightpool maybe I guess? I ran git fetch && git checkout v2.9.3 but I could have botched something previously I suppose

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