The real world isn't antiseptic and flat and sleek. It's hectic and messy and colorful and haphazard and it heckling works. Let's work it.

Carve cases out of busted pallet slats. Build a forge and melt soda cans. Whatever you want to do.

@djsundog From experience, I can say soda cans have far too much slag in them to make them worth the effort of melting. Now if you can pick up a cheap outdoor TV antenna or aluminum mess kit at a yard sale - that's a good source for casting material.

@theartguy this is solid teaching here! Knowledge transfer in small chunks widely dispersed - love it, thanks!

@djsundog careful with pallet wood, I learned (much to my dismay as I had pallet wood furniture for a long time) that some pallets are treated with chemicals harmful to humans over long periods of exposure.
the chemical has been banned in europe since 2010, not sure elsewhere.
Anyway, look for markings on the pallet, if they say MB they've been treated with methyl bromide, best keep away from those.

@emptyfortress @djsundog

What chemical is this, and why do some people use it in their pallet wood?

Does it make the wood last longer?

I'll search the web about this tomorrow morning. I just thought this was interesting!

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