you: ugh, the wide-ass bezel on that screen is so distracting

my first computer display:

@TheGibson 👊 even got the parents to spring for the 16kb RAM expansion once I proved to them I was writing programs that needed more than 2k


I didn't hit that mark... but I was writing in Basic about the same time as English... age 4.

@thegibson @djsundog That was about the time I wrote (more realistically, copied from a listing in 80-MICRO magazine) my first Z80 assembly language listing into TRS-80's EDTASM package.

The program was Conway's Game of Life.

@djsundog @thegibson Meanwhile, when I *should* be working on my *own* computing platform, I decided to spend the last two hours re-reading Leo Brodie's Thinking Forth.

I suck at this whole responsibility thing.

@djsundog @TheGibson I got the Extended Basic module (and a matrix printer) for the TI99/4a when I wrote my parents a program to print lists for the annual stocktaking (with automatic devaluation and such). We lugged that setup into the shop each year well into the 1990s (until they got some specialized software for their trade that included a product inventory).

A while ago I dug out a photo of my actual computer setup at the time:

@moopet our first vcr has a wired remote with like a 25-foot cable on it, and we wore that damn thing out

@djsundog First thought: this thing is probably very dangerous in the sense of overheating. Maybe there are big fans at the back?

@yrabbit nah, but it was chock full of heat-generating vacuum tubes and you could smell the dust burn off every time it warmed up

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