Game idea: Character Creation Creation Simulator. (h/t @staticsafe)

The game allows the player to start with a basic character creator and level the character creation process up to add additional functionality, improved graphics, etc. Submit your favorite character creators you create to the Character Creation Creation Simulator Gallery for others to experience your character creation creation.

@djsundog @staticsafe

well, the simulation of the created character creation character character creator, at least

@djsundog @staticsafe
Make it turing complete through some laborious process and watch people run Doom on it

@djsundog @staticsafe Gamification of software development.

We need to make this happen.

@djsundog @staticsafe I feel so called out right now. My T&T and RQ2 character creators will curb-stomp your V:tM character creator in a fight.

@mdhughes @staticsafe oh heck, I hadn't even thought about Competitive Character Creation leagues

@djsundog @staticsafe Character Creation Simulator Creation Simulator: the player is tasked with programming a simulated character creator using puzzle pieces style code so others (simulated players) can create the characters they want

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