Old enough to remember when small business web sites didn't need a database connection to show you their home page.

@djsundog Old enough to have written that website. 😐​

@banjofox @djsundog 1) HTML 2) GIFs and JPEGS, 3) maybe some CSS, 4) maybe some JS to do dropdowns or other whizzy tricks. Probably made with DreamWeaver or GoLive Cyberstudio, or by hand with a text editor.
@banjofox @djsundog Maybe. But I do not miss CGI back-ends written in Perl.

@djsundog back when wizardly webmasters still knew the ancient HTMspelLs

@hummingrain felt so cool that first time I gave myself a webslinger@domain.tld email address

@djsundog It was such a simpler time when you could easily impress people with your guestbook CGI Perl or shell script that just appended comments to a plain text file that just got stuck in an HTML page with a server side include...

...and people were so innocent and considerate that we haven't even heard of a CAPTCHA or other anti-web-spam stuff yet.

Maybe we can't go back but we could really use some simplicity on the web again. #TooManyLayers

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