I missed y'all too.


It'll probably take me a couple of days to get back to my "normal" but I am finally head above water at $daygig again. Sorry for the extended radio silence.



Not a problem, everybody was concerned about you except me...


Apparently you're kind of a big deal though...

Who knew?

@djsundog welcome back! We missed you, and I saved you a scone. ☕🥐

I'm glad your back. Hope all is well. Was worried that the reactionary bullshit had driven you off for a bit.

@ajroach42 work timing decided to extend that break a lot longer than I had anticipated for sure. I'm too old to be this busy.

I had that conversation with a co-worker recently.

Our solution was that he should be less busy, but no one else seed to be okay with that.

I hope things return to normal for you.

@djsundog I was just thinking about you this morning. I’m glad you’re back, friend. 😊

@djsundog :blobpats: Glad to see you're still around, and that daygiggery isn't keeping you down too much. Take your time!

@djsundog Roger that. Read you 5x5. Sundogistan Signal good here on the shores of the largest natural lake in Mexico. Atmospheric skip, no doubt.

@djsundog i literally just came on here to see if you were back yet. hope all is well.

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