Back in the day, I used to be really enamored with the idea of a car pc in a radio head-unit form factor with a laptop hard drive that would connect to my home network for file transfers. I never built one of them though.

Now, however, newer cars have USB ports for mass storage devices full of mp3s and I'm eyeing the raspberry 0w in the lab and having ideas. :blobthonkang:


Set it up with a read-only root filesystem so the OS doesn't get borked, have it connect to wifi and rsync a folder on a separate data partition from the home media library at boot, then present it as a fat32 drive to the car...

@djsundog this was basically what I developed in my head back when I drove, and then I never did it 😅

@djsundog that's a slick idea and near what current infotainment systems do

@djsundog I’m building something a bit like this as a companion to my desk radio (I can’t always tune-in a good station). Opportunistic file sync but no regular internet required, nice simple physical controls, etc.

I can think of a dozen applications for something like this in the car, but I would need some kind of “uikit” that let me write applications without having to dork-around writing & designing UI.

@jbob that's the advantage this particular use-case has, any car with the capability has a native ui already for navigating music on a usb drive

@djsundog ah yeah, but most of them suck 🤣

The Pocket C.H.I.P. used some python ui kit that might work well, but I can’t remember what it was called?

@jbob though now I'm wondering if any of the car electronics are accessible via Ethernet-over-usb :blobthonkang:

@djsundog Oh damn, you're giving me Ideas. Seems like this would be a perfect usecase for Syncthing.

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