In a world without :blobpats:
humanity's only hope
is one ragtag crew
on a mission
that will take them
across the known fediverse

@djsundog Hi! I'm here all week. No worries, the police have already been called.

@djsundog My excuse is that I've been working 12+ hour days for pretty much the entire month of February, including weekends. In fact, I have to go back into the office today. Bleh.

@djsundog True, we have an open rec for a software engineer at the moment, but our leading candidate so far seems to not answer his e-mails requesting a 2nd interview. We might have to re-open the rec to the general public again.

OTOH, this was all so that we could reasonably impress a potential prominent customer, and if it goes well, we will secure minimum sales figures from them sufficient to get more resources and more vacation time.

Start-up life.

@djsundog And while I admit I've suffered much frustration along the way, I admit that it's been fun seeing everything coming together, not just from me but from my fellow teammates. It's very motivating.

When it all stops becoming fun, that's when problems come up that must be dealt with.

@djsundog Hmm, I didn't realize until I re-read this post on my phone that you had an emoji here. On my desktop, :bloblurk: does not appear. I also get a blank image when going to your toot-lab page.

@djsundog I don't. At least, other sites show animated gifs OK. Is there a way for me to check? I'm using Firefox on Linux.

@djsundog HUH, OK, I wasn't aware that mastodon had such an option. (Shows how often I scroll through the list of preferences!)


@djsundog When I click on "View Image" in the pop-up menu, it shows up as a PNG-formatted blob.

@vertigo odd - I'm on mobile currently so I can't try to find a workaround 😕

@djsundog 🎼It's been a long time, to get from there to here...

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