Gen X, the generation that remembers when computers were things you only used sometimes.

@djsundog Even gen Y / millennials do. We/they were mostly born before the web.

It's less about the web and more like...imagine your teen years where you only started a computer up once a week or so to write a paper. Now imagine what you'd do with the rest of your time.

I mean, I mostly got high on a beach, lol. But hey, screen-free

@erosdiscordia Before the web there would be nothing to do with computers except occasionally or if you had a specific interest in computers, that's why I picked the web as a reference point.

Even after the arrival of the web it took a decade or more before most people had a computer with a non-dialup connection.

@djsundog Witnessing the transformation from the PET, though Sinclair's and Commodore's breakthroughs, to what we have now, was quite a ride.

@djsundog they were such mysterious and expensive boxes that parents nervously let us use to type in BASIC code and play educational games like Lemonade Stand to teach us capitalism and Oregon Trail to teach us how to uh...die from dysentery? Otherwise they were put to use by mum to write letters and balance the chequebook and dad to keep track of his stocks and amortize and whatever on his "calc".

@djsundog maybe my perspectives on computers and tendencies toward self sufficiency come from having pre-boomer parents. Having been born into the great depression taught them to respect possessions of value and make things last. And maybe to be a bit stingy too lol.

When we had our computer break and the shop wanted to sell us a new one instead of fix it dad and I set upon fixing it ourselves. If we couldn't fix it at least it was a learning experience!

@chr @djsundog Cooookies Are A Sometimes Clientside Data Storage Method.

@chr it was a whole thing. you could walk around and look at things and they wouldn't have a computer inside of them but you could still do stuff with them. it was a time of sorcery.

@djsundog @chr Is this back when people read books instead of RSS feeds?

@djsundog to toast bread without computer??? where would the linux go??

@chr @djsundog you had to carve the Debian logo into your burnt toast yourself! It was magical

@tom @chr @djsundog *sees a toaster* so who's the linux and who's the life-threatening electrical power input and heater element that could cause a fire?

@wxcafe @tom @chr @djsundog Back in ye olden days, if you wanted a toaster fire, you had to fill it with crumbs or jam too much bread in it yourself.

@djsundog @chr

Mystery has receded from the world.

I intend to help put it back.

@djsundog @chr I was recently thinking about VHS, how it's a movie on magnetic media, but just analog signal, no thinking machine between you and the signal, nearly as pure a path as film & projector. But there is a clock chip in those.

@mdhughes @chr you could play an analog VHS into an analog UHF transmitter and then record the output of any number of corresponding analog VHS recorders connected to UHF receivers and have broadcast quality replica at each without any complex computers even being in the same rooms and I think that's beautiful.

@djsundog > broadcast quality replica

You're thinking of Betamax. 😉
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