I really appreciate how many folks invest their time and energy in trying to maintain their sector of the fediverse as a healthy place to connect with other human beings. It's much more important work than building more software bits in my opinion.

@djsundog (the software bits help enable us to more efficiently create safer space, but go off comrade)

@Wewereseeds totally, I'm just coming from a place where the software bits are so much easier for some of us that just concentrating on that just gets us more of the same so I'm really jazzed there's so much more going on, y'know? It's energizing to see communities building themselves on ever more appropriate platforms, makes me think my grandkids might be able to do more than just struggle ;)

@djsundog this is valid. I think it's more of a collaborative thing rather than one or the other. Like, I'm real good at people, but I've been an admin on this instance for -months- and I -just- figured out how to find emojis. This place is much more full of dev nerds, so I appreciate the shoutout to the 'soft labor', but the answer must always be both.

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