OK Mastodon, for a pontential #art project, I need old catchphrases from pop culture. ("Old" is subjective). Maybe the phrases make no sense out of context, or they're not funny retrospectively, or they're just plain bizarre. Examples:

"That's gonna leave a mark!"

"Where's the beef?"

"Kiss my grits!"

"That's gotta hurt!"

"Talk to the hand!"

"Sit and spin!"

What have you got? I'll take anything, from any decade!

#linguistics #art #pop

@klaatu "Depends on what your definition of "is" is."

"The Juice is loose!"

"Scratch my back with a hacksaw!"

"Attention K-Mart shoppers."

"Shop smart - shop S-Mart!"

@drwho @klaatu

"Sit on it"

"What's up doc?"

"What a marooon! What an ignora-moose!"


@mwlucas @drwho @klaatu

"pow! right in the kisser!"

"gag me with a spoon"

"up your nose with a rubber hose"

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